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Tourism and Catering


Budapest is the buzzing capital of Hungary and one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe. Consequently, tourism and catering is one of the most popular degree programs in Hungary as well as in Budapest. This is also due to the colorful, diverse nature and human-centered view of tourism.
This bachelor program offers thorough grounding in all important subjects and topics in tourism and catering. What makes the program really unique is the host of specializations available for students including Health and Wellness Tourism Management, MICE Tourism Management and Destination Management drawing heavily on the rich experience that the local tourism industry gained with Hungary having a world renowned reputation due to its rich thermal healing water assets or its number one position in the international dental tourism. Furthermore, we place emphasis on the development of practical skills, therefore our students will have the opportunity for example to challenge themselves in professional competitions, attend workshops, or take part in hotel visits.

THE PROGRAM IS DESIGNED FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO are open minded, creative, versatile and well-informed, who are interested in personal communication, traveling, have good problem-solving and organizational skills and enjoy learning foreign languages.


  • tour operators
  • managers of family businesses
  • tourist counsellors
  • event organizers
  • tourism managers of small municipalities and regions
  • managers of local, regional and national tourism
  • animators
  • managers working for health and wellness spas
  • mid- and top-level managers of hotels
  • attraction managers

CORE SUBJECTS: Leisure and Tourism Studies, Catering and Gastronomy Studies; Service Design and Development; Tourism Geography; Hotel Management; Travel Agency Management; Informatics, Microeconomics, Social Studies, Basics of law, Business Economics, Accounting.

As part of the program all foreign students have the opportunity to attend a course in “Hungarian as a second language” free of charge.


International hotel and hospitality management Health tourism (launched only if the minimum number of students wish to join this specialization)

Tourism Workshop, Tourism Plus+ professional programme series, The Promise of the Tourism Industry of the Year and the Role Model student competitions, hotel visits, mandatory internship.

Our courses are also recommended by the National Tourism Committee; and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our programmes are offered in cooperation with our professional partners, such as Mellow Mood Hotels, HunguestHotels Zrt, RAM Colosseum, and Association of Tourism Managers.


  • Attila Benda– Head, PRO Family Travel Kft. travel agency
  • Anthony Barlow– Owner, BUD night event organizing company
  • Jolina Lévai– Guest Relations Manager, Executive Floor & Lounge, Hotel Hilton Budapest
  • Márton Cseh– General Manager, Pincesor Bt.
  • Szabolcs Juhász– Director, Aquaworld Water Theme Park
  • Péter Kovács– Owner, BUD night event organizing company

lengyel marton.jpg“The essence of tourism lies in what it gives people in exchange of their time and money. And what are you left with in the end? Nothing much, except a memory. And the most important part of memories is the experience. Staying in a nice hotel room during your holiday does not make a nice memory. What we teach is how to create and give tourists a memorable experience, whether they stay at a hotel, visit a travel agency, a sight, a wellness spa or a specific destination.” Dr. Márton Lengyel C.Sc., the founder of Heller Farkas Faculty of Tourism and Economics; WTO (World Tourism Organization) expert and founding father of the Budapest Spring Festival

“During my studies I used to be the member of the Tourism Research Workshop where I gained invaluable experience. I spent the bigger part of my internship in Florence within the framework of the Leonardo programme, which has proven to be the greatest adventure of my life. Even my present job I owe to the University, since the position was offered to me by the chairman of the final examination board.”
Zita Jarabin, the secretary of the Budapest and Central-Danube Region Tourism Committee.

HEAD OF PROGRAM: Dr. Melanie Smith
BA in Tourism and Catering
QUALIFICATION as specified in the diploma: Economist in Tourism and Catering
DURATION: 6+1 semesters
STARTING DATE: September and February each year