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International Business Economics

building-79221_640.jpgToday, being an expert of your local economy is no longer enough. All countries and companies are in great need of business and communication professionals who understand the key challenges and issues of international economic relations, and are able to move quickly to exploit emerging opportunities.
If you are seeking to enter this field, the International Business Economics program of Metropolitan offers all that is needed for you to acquire the necessary skills: secure knowledge of economic and business matters, fluent command of a second language for professional purposes, thorough practical and work experience. Our extensive partnerships with multinational companies provide you with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the world of international business. Our graduate students leave school as well-trained business experts with professional command of at least two foreign languages, ready to achieve success and immediate results in the international business scene. 
Join us in the flow of international economy!

are well informed and with a keen interest in the world of international business, politics and the media; who look to find their future career in an international environment and who are open to exposure to foreign cultures. Future students should also be able to use two foreign languages for most personal needs, and are expected to turn their language skills into an important asset for both their future career and for their employees.

CORE SUBJECT: International Economics; EU Integration Studies; International Finance; International Transactions; Multicultural Management; International Marketing; Presentation Skills Development Training; Rhetoric; International Protocol and Etiquette; Negotiation Techniques; International Business Strategies and Competitiveness; EU Policies; Globalization and Regional Economics; International Economic Organizations

• Organization management
• Global commercial management
Specializations are launched only if the minimum of 15 students wish to join the specialization.

int business eco_1.jpgOUR ACHIEVEMENTS:
A 4-person team of our International Business Economics BA Program has won the EBMC – European Start-up Simulation Cup and all the members have individually achieved prize-winning places during the final competition in Stuttgart.

One of the world’s biggest technology provider companies, TATA Consultancy Services, in a long-term strategic cooperation with Metropolitan, offers the TATA scholarship for students enrolled in this program. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee for one semester.


• international economics expert at national or multinational companies and corporations
• communication expert at international organizations
• expert in the state sector
• journalist covering economic issues

As part of the program all foreign students have the opportunity to attend a course in “Hungarian as a second language” free of charge! 

“Once I knew I wanted to conti­nue my stu­dies in Budapest, I was looking for a uni­versity that could provide me with quality education. Upon my search, I’ve found the website of Metro­politan University (back then BKF), and I really liked their choice of programs and what their programs offer. I am currently enrolled for the program International Business Economics, and I am happy to say that this program fully met my expectations. The student life is great, for me the most memorable event has to be the Welcome Weekend, I had so much fun. I met most of my friends there and we still talk about those days from time to time. If I want to recall a memorable moment that happened to me at Metropolitan, I would tell you all the things that happened to me at the Welcome Weekend. But if I’m being completely honest, every day has its memorable moment. The opportunity to learning new concepts, getting to know people or creating a stronger bond with friends is one of those things that makes my day unique.”
Dina Sara Kovacs
student of our International Business Economics BA program from Canada

HEAD OF PROGRAM: Miklós Vásáry PhD, habil associate professor
BA in International Business Economics
QUALIFICAZION as specified in the diploma: Economist in International Business
DURATION: 6+1 semesters
STARTING DATE: September and February each year