Accommodation fee will make up the most significant percentage of your total monthly budget. The amount you need per month will depend on what type of accommodation you secure. An amount of approximately 60,000-170,000 HUF/months (200-550 EUR) is needed monthly to cover your accommodation costs. You can get a place in a student hostel for about 210-300 EUR, or a private apartment for 400-500 EUR.

The living costs in Budapest are about another 150-250 EUR/months. This sum includes grocery, food, personal hygiene, local transport, telephone bills, and other expenses apart from the tuition fee and housing.

Metropolitan Dormitories: Nova Inn and Belvárosi Albérletház

Budapest Metropolitan University has two contracted dormitories. One of them is just downtown and the other one is right next to our campus. Due to its exceptional public transport connections, all of our campuses can be reached in 30 minutes even from the furthest dormitory. Applicants who would like to move in will be asked to pay the deposit through a link we will provide you via email after you fill the online registration form. The deposit is 500 EUR for all the dormitories. All applicants will be asked to pay the rental fee of the first month (depending on the dormitory) after filling the application form.

What is 'deposit'?

The deposit acts as a safeguard should the tenant cause any damage to the property or does not take the accommodation for the time period laid down in the Lease Agreement or does not fulfill his/her obligations set out in the Lease Agreement in any other way. This payment assures your placement at our dormitory and is fully refundable upon check-out as long as there have been no damages to the property. 

In case you pay the deposit for the dormitory (and the rental fee of the first month) but eventually do not take the placement, you might be eligible for a refund. For further details, please contact and fill the refund form (Refund Letter Form.docx). In case you are indeed eligible for the refund you'll be reimbursed within 15 working days.

Nova Inn,

The house is designed for altogether 38 people. It is located less than 100 meters from the Nagy Lajos campus and has excellent public transport connections. The house consists of 6 separate apartments, 3 of these for 7-8 people each, and other 3 for 5-6 people each. All apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room area and 2-2 bathrooms and toilets. Broadband wifi is accessible in all apartments.


  • In a bedroom with 3 beds: 220 euros/person/month
  • In a bedroom with 2 beds: 280 euros/person/month

-balcony surcharge: 10 euros, until available

-compulsory starter package, containing beddings, cutlery, towels: 100 euros/person/semester

Rent contains all utility fees (energy, water, garbage collection fee) weekly cleaning of common areas (staircase, laundry room, and common room), monthly cleaning of kitchens bathrooms and toilets.

All fees must be paid in euros. Students need to pay 500 EUR deposit in advance, and the rent of the first month upon moving in. If no damages are done, the deposit is refundable.

Minimum rent is 5 months, maximum is 1 year, which can be extended for the next academic year in either May (in case rent is for a whole year) or in November (in case it is just for 5 months). It is possible to stay for the summer as well upon request. In case students only wish to store their belongings but otherwise, move out for the summer they receive a 20% discount for that period. Termination period is 1 month.

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Belvárosi Albérletház

The building is a new, 7-floor, furnished apartment in downtown Budapest.

The dormitory is just next to several public transport options- buses, trams, and metros are leaving to every direction of the city.

Due to the excellent transport opportunities, all campuses can be reached within 15-25 minutes from the apartment.

The rooms are designed for 2-4 persons, between 18-22m2 floor area. Each room has a separate bathroom.

On every floor, there is a common kitchen, washing machine, and dryer.

The building has 300 m2 closed and 420 m2 open community space!


  • Bedroom with 2 beds - 280 EUR /person/month
  • Bedroom with 3 beds - 260 EUR /person/month
  • Bedroom with 4 beds - 218 EUR /person/month

The deposit to be paid is 500 EUR.

What they guarantee:
- youthful environment
- a lively social life
- central location
- good public transport possibility (1, 2, 3 metro line within walking distance)
- night reception
- Wi-Fi network throughout the building
- gym, billiards (free for residents)
- coffee machine, snack machine
- safe, quiet neighborhood

In the room, you can find: 2 bed + mattress, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 2 wardrobes, 2 relax chairs, fridge, microwave, safe (if you need one)

Extra cabinet possibility is also available in the basement.

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1. Please note if you decide to leave the dormitory before the expiration day of your contract the deposit is non-refundable.

2. Please note if you don't cancel your dormitory reservation until the 30th of August or 30th of January, the deposit is non-refundable.

3. Please note that if there is any damage caused by you at the dormitory, the deposit is non-refundable.

4. Please note that if by any reason you will arrive after the beginning of the semester you still have to pay the rental fee for September/February.

To apply for dormitory placement, please read THIS step-by-step guide first.

If you have any questions or requests regarding our dormitories, please contact us via!

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