Art Institutes

In the art campus, you can study in three different institutes

Institute of Design

„Whatever you like in the World- show it to others! Whatever you don’t- change it!”

Professional Partners:

Defolabor, Nanushka, EuropaDesign, Musem of Applied Arts, Ludwig Museum, Hungarian Dance Academy, Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian National Gallery,, PTE MIK

Study Programs:

Environmental Design BA, Art and Design Management MA

Art Education Coordinator:

Fruzsina Lázár

International Coordinator:

Gabriella Uhl, associate professor

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Our field is searching for solutions for the challenges of contemporary art challenges, where artistic concepts, creativity, and state-of-the-art technical knowledge play the most important roles. Our students have the opportunity to explore individuality by creation, but also experience everyday applied methods. We do all this with the help of high-profile professionals and high-quality equipment. Our students can work on actual real-life tasks during their studies, work on industry assignments and during these works they can develop valuable professional relationships.

The professors of motion picture arts aim to provide students with state-of-the-art practical knowledge, which can be implemented in any international environment. Our students can learn from excellent masters in workshops equipped even with the most modern tools.  

Head of Institute:

Melinda Kiss DLA animator, associate professor

Art Education Coordinators:

Beatrix Dányi

Dóra Laczkó

International Coordinator:

Janka Barkóczi

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On Bachelor level, our institute offers Visual Representation and Graphic Design programs, which provide students with a similar graphical skillset. We recommend the first to students who are interested in graphic design and have excellent manual skills, while Graphic Design is for students who are mostly interested in visual communication and creativity.

Obviously, these skills don’t exclude each other, only the emphasis is different. On each of our programs, the main goal is to train students to understand and use everyday signs and pictures effectively and to enable them to create and convey visual messages.


Polish Institute, Goccopro - Vasco Hungary Kft., Eurojet Hungária Kft.

Head of Institute:

Gyula Július DLA associate professor, Munkácsy Mihály-awarded artist

Art Education Coordinators:

Andrea Onozó

International Coordinator:

Gabriella Uhl university professor

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