The purpose of my thesis is to analyse the Sziget Festival, which will be held for the 25th time this year, furthermore to develop an exhibition concept representing the socio-cultural impact of this iconic event.Chapter One is introductory to the theoretical background of the festival phenomenon, as well as to the definition and typing of different aspects of the festivals. Chapter Two gives an outlook on the most important foreign and domestic festivals. Chapter Three discusses the establishment and the last 24 years of the Festival, examines the macro environment through PEST analysis, and presents the operations of the Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Kft. Chapter Four is attempt to create a retrospective exhibition concept and project plan that can present different aspects of the jubilee festival. Regarding this chapter my primary research on the subject is an interview Károly Gerendai, Project Manager of the Sziget Festival. In addition, case studies examine how such exhibitions, which also presented music festivals, were implemented.