In the first part of my essay I intend to present the videomapping as an art genre which is not really known by this name and hardly researched despite its interdiscplinarity. As this is a very new art genre, there is no extensive bibliography in Hungarian language and only a very few in English language, therefore I used significant amount of interview with active Hungarian videomapping artists. This is the main reason that my paper focuses on the present situation in our country.
As the expression ‘videomapping’ is rarely known thanks to the widely used word ‘raypainting’, I found it necessary to first of all clear up the definition itself, which I am using consistently both in the theory and project part of my essay.
In the beginning of the theoretical part I present the evolution of technical and artistic conditions of videomapping, different kinds of raypaintings and lightart work, the Hungarian references and therefore all the demands that was finally answered by videomapping.
The interviews show the actual situation of the videomapping’s artistic field in Hungary and also the diversity in the creator’s opinion about the artistic ways in videomapping. Thus in my researches I analysed the creators themselves, the fields they can be shown and I put my results together with the interviews, thus picture the whole accurately.