As an intern of the Kassák Múzeum I had the opportunity to join the second phase of the research titled „When is the time for action if not now?!” which was carried out by the community-based training, research and development centre called School of Public Life with the participation of people struggling with housing poverty. As a result of the cooperation the members of the research team and the employees of the museum created an exhibition titled Time for Action. Housing Movements in the 20th Century which was the third part of the research and exhibition series called Life Reform and Social Movements in Modernity, curated and initiated by Judit Csatlós. The exhibition opened at the museum on the 25th January and was on view until the 2nd April.
In connection with the project, firstly I write about the fields of art and culture which consider social responsibility as an important issue and try to give a chance of access to art and culture for everybody, creating various projects that can be used also as a tool for solving social problems.