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Study at METU with up to 

75% discount 

on your tuition fees!  


Want to save up while studying abroad? 

With METU, it’s possible - 

explore our discounts! 


As a new enrolling student, you can secure up to 15% discount by applying early! 

Submit your application document by our Early Bird deadline, and we will give you a discount on your first year’s tuition fee.

Be a Super Early Bird and get 15% discount! 

  • 2022 Fall intake deadline: 28 February 2022  
  • 2023 Spring intake deadline: 31 August 2022 

Be an Early Bird and get 10% discount! 

  • 2022 Fall intake deadline: 30 April 2022 
  • 2023 Spring intake deadline: 30 September 2022 

Final application deadlines:  

  • 2022 Fall intake:  
    • Non-EU citizens: 30 June 2022 
    • EU citizens: 1 August 2022 
  • 2023 Spring intake: 
    • Non-EU citizens: 30 November 2022 
    • EU citizens: 19 January 2023 

Start your application at now! 


Recommend or get recommended by a friend – both of you will get 15% discount from your next semester’s tuition fee! 

How much discount can I get? 

In case you bring us more students, you will receive even more discount: 15% per every new student. More recommendations are worth you more: you can even reach a 75% discount!  

(This means a maximum of 5 recommendations.) 

Who can be eligible? 

  • Each METU student (international and Hungarian) who recruits new international students.  
  • Each recruited incoming international student. 

How can I claim the discount? 

The new incoming student should indicate the full name of the recommender METU student while filling out their application profile at 

When will I get the discount? 

If you have recruited a student, you'll get the discount from the tuition fee of your next semester. So, if they are joining the Fall semester, you will receive your own discount for the Spring semester.   

If you were recruited by a METU student, you'll get the reduction from the 3rd semester's tuition fee.  

In case you are in your last semester, and you propose our university to a prospective student, the discount will be 30% off from the new student’s tuition fee. 

Tell your friends about it and ask for detailed information!  

Contact us at  


Further conditions of the offer: 

  • Those students who have dual citizenship cannot use our discount offer if one of their citizenships is Hungarian since they are supposed to apply through 
  • The newcomer student is supposed to share the name of his / her recruiter when applying at In case he/she shares the recruiter’s name in any other way or does it posteriorly he/she will be not entitled to use the discount offer.   
  • Budapest Metropolitan University reserves its right to consider applications received through recommendations and admit those applicants who fulfill the necessary requirements. The discount offer can be used only in case the recruited person is admitted to and enrols in the institution. 


If you and your sibling are studying at METU, you can both get 5% discount on your tuition fees for the entire duration of your active studies! 

How can you claim the discount? 

You should both apply for the sibling discount in every active semester you start via Neptun. New applicant siblings should indicate their claim while filling out their application profile at 


Are you a METU graduate? Continue your studies at METU master’s program and receive €500 to €1000 discount! 

How much discount can I get? 

  • €500 if you are an EU student 
  • €1000 if you are a non-EU student 

How can I claim the discount? 

No matter your graduation year, you can claim the METU graduate discount while filling out your application at 

When will I get the discount? 

Students get this deduction from the tuition fee of your first semester. The discount will be visible in the Conditional Acceptance Letter.  

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Please note that for new students applying to METU, no more than 2 discounts can be merged to achieve higher deduction of your tuition fee, and that a maximum of 25% discount can be given. 

Do you have further questions?  

We are here to help you - contact us at!