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Jobs & Traineeship

Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) was granted the sum of 27 130 € given by the European Solidarity Corps for the project called „Inclusive and efficient traineeship and employment programmes at METU”.

In this project we give the opportunity to five trainee and five newly recruited young employees to gain experiences and develop themselves in a real corporate work environment. As a result, they are going to have a competitive advantage on the labour market. Although the majority of the participants is Hungarian due to METU’s international and intercultural atmosphere, they will have the chance to sharpen their language skills. 

The project has two main target groups. The project aims at the employment of trainees towhom we are able to give the opportunity of professional development in a real corporate work environment. We also mentor them with the help of our trainers and teachers. With these means we give them a safe work environment – an incubator so to speak – to test their skills. In this period, they can comfortably get used to the day-to-day working before they enter into the frightening world of labour market as an experienced postgraduate.

Benefits for the University:

  • We are able to support our students’ career and professional life under their studies
  • A supply of well trained and prepared labour force for ourselves
  • Building a better connection between the teachers and students
  • Students are being part of the development of a work environment and a common organizational culture, together with their teachers and colleagues

Our other target group is young employees. We would like to hire new people under their 30’s to whom we can offer new, stable and flexible (home office), but still challenging work environment with continuous mentoring and help them to smoothly integrate in this environment.

Since our University is a for profit organisation, a young employee could gather valuable experiences and build its career at the same time. They have the opportunity to participate in Erasmus Mobility Programmes and they could also gather foreign work experiences.

Benefits for the University:

  • A youthful environment supporting the students and teachers alike who are more used to the challenges of the multicultural and multilingual world
  • Younger generation of workforce understands the students better, this way the problem solving is more efficient.
  • Our own supply of well-trained labour force „brought up” by the university
  • We will be their first working experiences

Duration of the project: 2020. 09.15 – 2022. 09. 14