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Exhibition of architectural competition works: Reimagining the water tower

  • Start date
    2021. 08. 27. 10:00
  • End date
    2021. 09. 30. 16:00
  • Location
    Polgár Centrum - Újpest Galéria: 1042 Budapest, Árpád út 66.

The exhibition featuring works of METU’s architecture students is open until the end of September.

In the beginning of 2021, the local government of Budapest’s 4th district has invited applications to reimagine the symbolic, currently unused water tower in Újpest. In this competition for young architects, students of METU’s Architecture and Design Institute have been able to challenge themselves by submitting their own designs for rebuilding the water tower.  

The entries submitted are on display in the form of an exhibition opened at Újpest Galéria until the end of September. 

The entries were reviewed by professional judges and the creators of the best works received a prize on an award ceremony organized by the local government. 

Prize-winning students of Budapest Metropolitan University
Photo: Mihály Várai, Újpest Média 

Renátó Tajthy, first-year MA Architect student at METU received a special award. “What I like most about tasks, assignments, commissions and competitions is that they make me get closer to myself. I am learning more and more things about myself, my environment and the connections between us.” - Renátó explained when asked about the creative process.  

Renátó Tajthy receives a special award for his work. 
Photo: Mihály Várai, Újpest Média   

Congratulations to our students on their fantastic creative works!