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Fashion and Textile Institute

Head of Institute: Zsuzsanna Aranyosi DLA, associate professor

Fashion- and Textile Design  is a crucial field of the creative industry. Through design it creates such products which make the intellectual concept dominant and also create value. Our education is founded on theoretical and practical research, the main characteristic is experimentation and innovation. We prepare students to find their own design path by preserving the values of the past through the means of the present and answering the challenges of the future, as well as the demands arising from different fields in a professional way.  

Our aim is to develop such conscious creative individuals who also possess their own individual approach, who are able to understand the challenges of their professional fields based on their theoretical and practical knowledge. The graduate is capable of answering the needs of the society and the challenges of our time by using their professional knowledge along with their creativity. 

PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS: Defolabor, Nanushka, Európa Design Hungary Zrt., Iparművészeti Múzeum (Museum of Applied Arts), Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem (Hungarian Dance Academy), Innovatext, Ahn Tuan, Konsanszky, Marie Claire, Nubu, Alliance Francaise, Hagyományos Értékek Megőrzéséért Alapítvány, Csárdatext