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Grow pop-up exhibition

  • Start date
    2023. 03. 13. 17:00
  • End date
    2023. 03. 25. 18:00
  • Location
    Rózsa Street Art campus, B303 glass room

“GROW” pop-up exhibition 

The Fashion for Good Museum exhibition “GROW” will travel as a pop-up exhibition to several schools across Europe from Spring 2023 as part of the EU Horizon 2020-funded project Allthings.bioPRO to inspire young designers and designers-to-be to make a difference and learn about innovative technologies in the textile industry. 

"The GROW Talent project was created to show how these new, sustainable, natural textiles and materials can be used in fashion. The program invited young designers to create clothes and accessories from these innovative materials. 

Banana plant fibrescoconut huskleather alternatives, and cork powder as fashion opportunities for new bio-materials 

Dutch designers Huong Nguyen, Frederieke Broekgaarden, Eva Sonneveld, and Charlotte Bakkenes, use fibre from banana plants, leather alternatives from coconut husks, and cork powder amongst other materials to showcase the possibilities of new biomaterials in fashion. In addition, fashion designer and illustrator Karim Adduchi designed a unique gown made with “silk” from orange peel which can be admired as part of the exhibition. 

The exhibition is supported by a campaign photographed by Christian Mpamo and copywriting by Zainab Goelaman. 

The exhibition will be opened by: Dr. Bálint Bachmann rector, METU and Hester Mauduit, project manager, FFG.

The exhibition is closed on March 15 due to national holiday.