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Hungarian Startup University Program (HSUP)

In the 2020/21 Autumn semester the Hungarian Startup University Program (HSUP) was launched with the slogan ’Set up your own startup!’ at Budapest Metropolitan University (METU). The aim of the pilot education implemented by the National Council for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFIH) was to give a standard for HEI students to become familiar with startup knowledge and increase the interest of students for entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes a modular structured e-learning training tool developed by NKFIH to present the startup ecosystem. 

HSUP is a two semester-long e-learning course focusing on the students become familiar with the innovative thinking and startups in the first semester. During the training students familiarised themselves with the definition of innovation, the idea generation, financial planning, market strategies, IP rights, the investing world and the business presentation. After the training modules they had had to have a final exam, then they elaborate an onepager based on their own startup idea. Our students could present their business concept in the STARTUP DEMO DAY in December 2020 receiving a feedback. The most promising ideas were selected by an expert jury invited by METU, and the masterminds had the opportunity to organise a 5 member working team even from other university students, as well. 

In the second semester applicants could have practical knowledge on the structure and the organisation of businesses. They could pass the semester in two ways: they could continue the modular structured training individually in the HSUP e-learning platform, or they could choose to work in teams during the semester to receive scholarships through the 4-month-long education. In February 2021 students could apply for the ideas selected by jury of the HEIs at the end of the first semester. The speciality of the programme was that participants had the opportunity to join any other HEI’s teams or projects not only their own. Teams were supported by a mentor selected by the concerned team. To prove the work of the students in the second semester as further development and fine-tuning  of their project a Progress Report had to be developed by each team. In this teams had to report their elaborated idea, the problem raised which they could offer a solution, moreover the market position, the customer persona, the competitors and the business model. At the end of the programme students had a way to present their idea in a pitch event in front of an expert jury. 

  • Participants of METU: 195
  • Number of submitted onepagers: 160
  • Number of students worked in teams: 38
  • Approved project ideas of METU (teams coordinated by METU): 19

After the successful first pilot year the programme is continuing in 2021/22 in which METU take part in with larger number of students and in a more productive way. 

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