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Institute of Animation and Media Design

Head of Institute: Ms Melinda Kiss DLA animation design artist, university associate professor

The field of media art merges those majors which look for the answers to the challenges of contemporary art, where the creative concept, creativity and up-to-date technical knowledge are all crucial. Students applying for our majors will have the opportunity to be immersed in the special process of creating pieces of art and at the same time to have an insight into the fantastic world of the applied fields. All these are supported by professors and lecturers having outstanding professional results and recognition; as well as a high level of technological equipment. During the university years our students are requested to participate in real projects and tasks and such cooperation might lead to fruitful working relationship in the future.

TheAnimation BA introduces the diversity of the genre, having the focus on the wide range of opportunities provided by the digital and classical techniques. We foster that our students find and master that particular art field that matches their personality beyond learning the foundations of the profession. As a continuation, our MA (in Hungarian) puts the development of independent projects at the forefront and has more emphasis on the creator’s concept as well as on the director’s attitude.

Media Design BA provides the students with excellent technical and software knowledge as well as theoretical and practical skills connected to visualization and the new media arts. Mixed with the creativity of the students all these are embodied in a stunning range of pieces of art, using a great variety of techniques.  OurMA (in Hungarian) provides a high level of professional independence, the ability to think in a system, and creative problem-solving, resulting in making our graduates be able to work as a lead designer, creative project managers in their own businesses or as an independent media artist in the world of the creative industry.

The Animation and Media Design BA programmes offer education in English. Foreign students who study here enrich the creative community by using their own attitude and creativity stemming from their own culture.

Alexandre Trauner Film Festival, Anilogue International Animation Film Festival, Átrium, BABtér, Cinemon Stúdió, Kecskeméti Animation Film Festival, KGB Animation Studio, MTVA, Hungarian National Philharmonic, Umbrella Studio, VJ Centrum Budapest, 2B Gallery