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Institute of Motion Picture

Head of Institute: Ms Anna Varga PhD film aesthete

The aim of the professors in the field of motion picture art is to convey such practical motion picture professional knowledge that is based on stable foundations in the changing artistic-technical-economic environment, and which can also be sold in the international market as well as to help the students fulfil their creative potentials. In the high quality professional workshops being equipped with classic equipment as well as the latest technological developments excellent masters teach the students in the BA and MA courses to gain their university degrees.

The Visual Representation BA Film and Media specialization puts the main emphasis on making films and the visual field of media communication. The education is in Hungarian and English. Motion Picture BA prepares the students for their career with the knowledge of making film- video and TV programmes, putting the cameraman/cinematographer's profession in focus. At the Cinematographer artist MA (in Hungarian) the cameraman/cinematographer's professional knowledge gained in the BA can be further developed to the MA level.

In Television Production BA  (in Hungarian) students learn the complex basics of making television programmes, getting familiar with the specialities of fiction and non-fiction types of TV genres. The MA enriches the basic knowledge with the production of news-documentary films, entertaining genres and fiction TV films, TV series. They gain practical knowledge of writing-dramaturgy, visual- and sound effects, the work of a director, editor, cameraman and creative producer.

ATV, Átrium, MAFILM, Magyar Filmlaboratórium, Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchívum, Pesti Magyar Színház, Schwindl Kft., Ufa Magyarország, Visionteam L.O. Filmtechnikai Szolgáltató Kft.; Special Grip Hungary Kft., Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház, Origo Film Studio, Video Assist Hungary Kft.