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Institute of Visual Comminucation

Head of Institute: Mr Gyula Július DLA college associate professor, artist holding the Munkácsy Mihály award  

The two graphics MA programmes   of the Visual Communication Institute Graphic Design, and  Visual Representation MA (in Hungarian) resemble each other in many ways as all of these are connected to art, creativity and professional knowledge, however, each aims at a different aspect of graphic design and creates new aesthetic quality in the language of visual communication. Our Master’s programme provides students with the opportunity to reach these goals and fulfil their potential, by ensuring the suitable professional and material (equipment) background.

What are the cornerstones when a potential student who is interested in graphic design is making a choice? For those who are interested in the theory and practice of visual representation and have the necessary manual abilities, the best choice is Visual Representation, for those who prefer the world of visual communication and creativity should opt for the Graphic Design. Obviously, these concepts do not exclude each other, the only difference is the emphasis put on them. The mutual aim of the educational programme on all the three majors is to train such students who are confident when it comes to finding your way in the current flood of sign- and visual images, who are capable of expressing and broadcasting visual images having an artistic value in their own specialist field.

The students of the Photography BAcan choose from three specializations after completing a foundation semester.  In every case mastering the professional technical knowledge and the underlying intellectual concept ensures that the graduates will become competitive professionals in their own field. The aim of our Photography MA (in Hungarian)  is to be even more immersed in the gained knowledge.

Graphic Design , Photographyand Visual Representation BA, also Graphic Design and PhotographyMA (in Hungarian) programmes are available in English. Foreign students who study here enrich the creative community by using their own attitude and creativity stemming from their own culture.

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