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METU offers a wide variety of programs in several institutes.


Department Head: Péter Csizmadi DLA, associate professor, architect, and chief designer

The Department of Architecture and Design offers comprehensive theoretical and practical courses, covering various spatial and object matter in the human environment. Our program places particular emphasis on craftsmanship, creativity, and innovative thinking. By immersing students in the modern material environment and current developments, they find solutions to the challenges of twenty-first-century societies. 

In the Environmental Design bachelor's program, we train students to become professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of shaping spaces and objects so they can work as design associates or continue their studies in one of our master's programs to become independent designers.

Our Interior Architect Designer, Architectural Artist, and Industrial Designer Artist master’s programs delve deeper into the world of materials, enabling graduate students to explore new possibilities.


  • Europa Design Hungary Ltd.
  • Reneszánsz Stone Carver Ltd.
  • Szabó Ervin Metropolitan Library
  • EDAG Engineering GmbH—EDAG Hungary Ltd.
  • VIDEOTON Elektroplast Ltd.
  • CAD-Terv Ltd.
  • Freedee Printing Works
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Department Head: Gyula Július, DLA associate professor and Mihály Munkácsy award-winning artist

The Department of Visual Communication offers two specializations in graphics—Visual Representation and Graphic Design—in addition to a Master's degree in Graphic Design. Although all these courses cover art and creativity and help students develop their expertise, each one focuses on different areas of graphics and the development of new aesthetic qualities in visual communication. Our Master's program provides students with the necessary professional skills and helps them deepen their knowledge of the field to explore new possibilities.

Applicants who have the requisite skills and are interested in the theory and practical application of image creation can enroll in the Visual Representation program. Those who are intrigued by the world of creation and visual communication can choose Graphic Design. Although each course imparts knowledge of the other specialization, the emphasis is different. The common goal of all three programs is to help students navigate the myriad of signs and images in today's world and enable them to create and convey visual messages in their specific field.

The department also offers a BA Photography program. After completing their first semester, students can choose from three specializations, all of which focus on specific concepts and technical knowledge to help them become professionals in their respective fields. In the MA Photography program, students can deepen their knowledge.

All of the BA and MA courses above are available in English. We welcome foreign students who can enrich the department’s creative environment with their unique perspectives and vision.


  • Polish Institute, Goccopro—Vasco Hungary Ltd.
  • Eurojet Hungary Ltd.
  • Mai Manó House
  • Capa Center
  • Tripont Photo Video Ltd.
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Department Head: Anna Varga PhD, film critic

Instructors in the field of motion picture arts aim to provide students with a solid foundation and practical knowledge of film production so they can market their skills globally in an ever-changing artistic, technical, and business environment. Exceptional masters of motion pictures teach undergraduate and graduate programs in our top-quality professional workshops, which are equipped with both classical tools and state-of-the-art technology.

In the BA Motion Picture Film and Television Directing specialization, we teach students how to create programs in various film and television genres (feature films, documentaries, and television or streaming series)—from concept through to execution. We also introduce them to other areas related to directing, including screenwriting, dramaturgy, cinematography, editing, and production management, so they can later work with a production team. 

In the BA Motion Picture Film Writing program, students learn the basics of screenwriting, while the BA Motion Picture Cinematography program (which is also available in English) focuses on the foundations of cinematography.

Our English-language programs include the BA program in Motion Picture Culture and Media Studies (link:, where students gain a comprehensive knowledge of dramaturgy, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, film production, and post-production areas such as editing and visual effects (VFX).

In our BA Television Program Production course, students learn about the complexities of television production and the specifics of the fictional and non-fictional film and television genres.

The MA Television Program Production program introduces students to the basics of TV production as well as the specifics of news documentaries, entertainment genres, and fiction TV films and series. Students can specialize in dramaturgy direction, creative production/screenwriting, or post-production.

In the MA Screenwriting program, students learn how to write high-quality screenplays for various film genres. The Film Cinematography course focuses on helping students express their artistic talent through images and effectively collaborate with other professionals to bring the director’s vision to life during film production.


  • Lloyd Studio
  • ATV
  • Hungarian Film Laboratory
  • Hungarian National Film Archive
  • Pesti Hungarian Theater
  • Schwindl Ltd.
  • Ufa Hungary
  • Visionteam L.O. Filmtechnikai Szolgáltató Ltd.
  • Special Grip Hungary Ltd.
  • Urania National Film Theater
  • Video Assist Hungary Ltd.
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Institute Head and Contact Information:

Dr. Richárd Izmindi PhD

Office: F218


The Institute of International Relations and Political Science—formerly the Institute of Social Sciences and International Studies—was established in September 2023 as part of METU’s organizational restructuring.

In most majors, students take social science courses at the beginning of their studies. The institute’s primary goal is to provide them with solid practical knowledge they can apply to real-life scenarios later in their careers.

The university encourages students to participate in various events and become part of the Student Association. They can also attend seminars where they have the chance to meet guest lecturers with practical experience in different fields of international relations and political science.

Our instructors discuss the latest trends and developments in each field and the evolving social, international, and legal frameworks so graduates can enter the job market with the knowledge and skills they need to compete and become professionals.


The institute is part of METU’s Student Association, where the most talented and active students can participate in numerous university and extracurricular programs, including practical professional and academic activities. Admission to the Student Association is based on a selection process.

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Institute Head: Márta Kis

The Institute of Methodology and Foreign Languages was established in September 2023 by merging the Institutes of Methodology and Foreign Languages as part of METU's organizational restructuring.

Methodology Education:

Methodology comprises specialized courses essential to obtaining an economics degree. Students acquire a solid foundation and skills in logical thinking, statistical analysis, and IT.

The program covers three main subjects: Mathematical Economics, Statistics, and Informatics. Because these subjects are introductory, they are mandatory in most majors and typically offered in the first two years of study.

We encourage students to consult lecturers if they have any questions or problems due to the complexity and difficulty of these subjects.

All our instructors have extensive knowledge in their fields and have written several educational materials, lecture notes, and books on the subjects to help students in their studies. The program’s main research areas are e-learning, collaborative learning, GeoGebra, and portfolio-based education.

The GeoGebra Institute is also part of the Methodological and Foreign Language Institute.

Foreign Language Education:

The main objectives of the Foreign Language program are to help students communicate in a foreign language at a high level, acquire the required language certificate for their diploma and the language skills necessary to succeed in the professional world, and receive foreign professional and academic scholarships. 

To this end, METU provides modern language training. Language classes are part of the curriculum in all undergraduate and master programs, and students can attend mandatory or elective language courses during regular class hours. Languages are taught using digital and web 2.0 tools (such as online tests, smartboards, quizlets, iTools, and digital textbooks). Our language instructors are also active examiners in various language exams and typically qualified professionals (for example, interpreters, translators, tour guides, marketers, and economists). 

Our foreign language program includes:

  • General classes in 12 foreign languages: Arabic, English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. 
  • Preparation for accredited professional, general, and international language exams in Hungary (TOEIC International Communication Language Exam)
  • Language classes for developing professional communication skills (business, tourism, economics, and other specialized subjects)
  • Hungarian as a second language
  • Crossroads in Hungary, an intercultural program for international students
  • A sign language course
  • Other language skills development classes (e.g., Academic Writing and Effective Study Skills)

More information on learning languages at METU and recommended classes to take within majors can be found under the Language Learners menu option or by writing to

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Institute Head: Dr. Cs. Dezső Dér

The Institute of Communications and Marketing was established in September 2023 as part of METU’s organizational restructuring. The institute was formed by merging the former Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Communications and provides combined professional marketing, communication, and media science training in both bachelor’s and master’s programs in English. The institute also comprises the BA Commerce and Marketing and MA Marketing programs and offers higher education vocational training. Courses are available full-time or part-time in both Hungarian and English.

Marketing Courses:

Our bachelor's programs provide general economic and business knowledge, allowing students to take basic economics courses at the beginning of their studies in addition to specialized subjects. The institute covers professional topics in marketing and offers elective specializations in the fifth and sixth semesters of the BA programs, focusing on various areas of marketing. These specializations are e-business management, small and medium-sized enterprises, logistics, and advertising and PR. International Marketing and Advertising/PR are offered in English if there is a sufficient number of applicants. 

Our master's program provides specialized, in-depth knowledge of integrated marketing communications mainly for BA graduates who have practical experience.

Most of our instructors are professionals specializing in marketing, sales, communications, and PR.

The institute has extensive professional partnerships, including the Hungarian Advertising Association, the Hungarian Public Relations Association, and the Hungarian Marketing Association (of which our institute’s head is the vice president). It also has strong relationships with important professional media outlets and press publications, such as Marketing and Media, Márkamonitor, Marketingtitkok, and OnBrands.

Communication Sciences Courses:

These courses cover the latest trends in the field and help students develop their creativity in the Marketing Workshop and the Marketing Students’ Team.

Our instructors are outstanding experts, many of whom have decades of professional and research experience, scientific qualifications, and published works in Hungary and around the world.

In addition to teaching and research, establishing professional relationships with communications companies and organizations is a significant part of our activities. The institute’s instructors not only have theoretical knowledge of various areas in the communications field but also practical experience. The university has a well-equipped TV and radio studio to support practical training, and students can take advantage of our extensive global partnerships to study abroad.

Our courses and research topics focus on exploring the contemporary media world and its place within the broader socio-cultural environment. Our outstanding journalism course (for print, electronic, and online media) is supported by the institute’s Journalism Center. We also apply a versatile approach to teaching by collaborating with art programs such as photography, film culture, and TV program production. In keeping with the latest trends, we also cover social media as part of our training and research. 


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The university’s Institute of Tourism offers a BA in Tourism and Catering, an MA in Tourism Management, and higher-education vocational training in Tourism and Catering. All programs are available full-time or part-time in both Hungarian and English.

Our bachelor’s programs provide students with a basic knowledge of economics and specialized subjects in the first year of study. In their third year (fifth and sixth semesters), they focus on tourism and can take specialized courses in various areas of the industry: gastronomy, health tourism (also offered in English), event management, and international hotel management (also offered in English)—with availability subject to the number of applicants.

Our master's program offers specialized courses for BA graduates or professionals with practical experience in various areas of tourism.

Most of the institute’s lecturers have professional industry experience and work in diverse areas such as hospitality and event management in addition to teaching. 

Our institute has extensive professional connections, including partnerships with the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the Hungarian Tourism Association Foundation, the Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association, the Hungarian Tourism Destination Management Association, MellowMood Hotels, Accor Hotels, and Budapest Spas and Thermal Waters Co. Ltd. We’re partners with the Smaller Earth Group (Resort/Camp Leaders), and we foster relationships with major professional media outlets, such as Turizmus Online and

The institute emphasizes tourism-related scientific research while providing students with the latest information on industry trends and encouraging creativity through the Tourism Workshop.

Institute Head and Contact Details:
Dr. Noémi Kulcsár, PhD
Office: F302


  • Budapest Spas and Thermal Waters Co. Ltd.
  • Hungexpo Ltd.
  • Hungarian Tourism Agency Ltd.
  • Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association
  • Hungarian Festival Association
  • Association of Hungarian Event Organizers
  • MellowMood Hotels (service providers)


  • Tourism Workshop: participating in the institute’s research projects
  • Turizmus+ Event Series: industry representatives presenting interesting case studies in tourism 
  • EBMC Business Competition: the winning team in the Metropolitan round of the European Brains Made on Campus start-up competition can participate in the final in Stuttgart.

Related programs: BA in Tourism and Catering, MA in Tourism Management, Higher Education Vocational Training in Tourism and Catering

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Institute Head: Dr. Sergei Vinogradov

The Institute of Digital Studies (IDS) focuses on the relationship between digital technologies and social sciences in research and education and examines the impact of digital culture on communications, media, politics, and the economy. The IDS contributes to interdisciplinary research that seeks solutions to the digital society’s challenges and opportunities, and its training aims to enhance students’ digital competencies.

Contact szvinogradov@metropolitan.hufor more information.

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Institute Head: Dr. habil Cecilia Szigeti

Sustainability is one of the easiest concepts to understand. If we follow the golden rule of doing unto others as we would have done unto us, we have already taken a huge step to a more sustainable future. Anyone can be a hero, even someone who plants a tree. Every individual action matters.

However, sustainability—much like the natural and social environment—Is an infinitely complex system that thousands of researchers and scientists have been trying to understand for decades, and we still have a long way to go. 

Our institute’s mission is to strike a balance between studying the science of sustainability and encouraging individual action.

In the words of David Attenborough: "No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced." Therefore, this program focuses on both theory and practice.

For more information, contact

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Institute Head: Dr. habil. Zoltán Szira

The Institute of Management and Finance was established in September 2023 by merging the former Institute of Economics and the Institute of Management as part of METU’s organizational restructuring. Students study a wide range of subjects—from basic economics to specializations in business and management, as well as finance and accounting—that are indispensable to working as future economists after they graduate.

Most of the institute’s full-time lecturers have PhDs and excel in their respective fields. Many part-time lecturers also have significant practical experience.

Since the institute’s establishment, the number of lecturers has increased, and many program innovations have been introduced based on feedback from students. The teaching staff makes concerted efforts to incorporate the results of their research into their courses and involve students in scientific work and the professional communities’ activities. Our lecturers hold positions in numerous professional and scientific organizations both in Hungary and abroad. They also foster ongoing relationships with professional partners, give lectures, and publish pieces on current economic events.

The institute involves students in important research and academic/professional activities through various events and Institutional and National Scientific Student Conferences. Our lecturers play important roles in many Hungarian professional and scientific organizations.

Contact zszira@metropolitan.hufor more information.

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Department Head: Melinda Kiss, DLA, animation designer, associate professor

Contemporary art challenges require creative thinking that combines innovative conceptualization and high-level technical knowledge. Students studying animation and media design can delve into the unique creative process of audiovisual arts and gain insight into the exciting world of digital technology and applied fields. Experienced, renowned instructors teach courses with the help of high-quality technical equipment. Students gain hands-on experience by completing real-world tasks and taking part in external projects to help them establish professional relationships for future job opportunities. 

In our BA Animation program, we introduce students to diverse genres and explore the wide range of possibilities that digital and traditional techniques offer. We help them discover the genre that best suits them and develop their skills in that area. The master’s program focuses on independent projects and allows students to hone their design, creative conceptualization, and director’s skills.

The BA Animation courses are also offered in English, and we encourage foreign students to apply so they can enrich the program with their unique creativity and cultural perspectives.

The BA Media Design program focuses on technical and software education, as well as visualization and new media arts theory and practice. Students use their creative skills to develop exciting, versatile designs. In the master's program, students are given significant autonomy so they can learn to think systematically and use their knowledge to solve problems creatively. Graduates go on to work in the creative industry as lead designers of their own artistic projects or as independent media artists.


  • Alexandre Trauner Film Festival
  • Anilogue International Animation Film Festival
  • Átrium
  • BABtér
  • Cinemon Studio
  • Kecskeméti Animation Film Festival
  • KGB Animation Studio
  • MTVA
  • National Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Umbrella Studio
  • VJ Center Budapest
  • 2B Gallery
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Department Head: Zsuzsanna Aranyosi DLA, associate professor

Fashion and textile design is a crucial area of the creative industry. Design enables the development of products in which intellectual content dominates and adds value to the creation. This program emphasizes theory and practical research while encouraging experimentation and innovation. By building on the values of the past, using the tools of the present, and exploring the challenges of the future, we prepare students to meet the demands of various fields of fashion design and find their unique voices.

Our goal is to help students combine their creativity, theoretical knowledge, and practical expertise so they can tackle the industry’s various challenges with innovative solutions. 


  • Defolabor
  • Nanushka
  • Európa Design Hungary Zrt.
  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Hungarian University of Dance
  • Innovatext
  • Ahn Tuan
  • Konsanszky
  • Marie Claire
  • Nubu
  • Alliance Francaise
  • Foundation for the Preservation of Traditional Values
  • Csárdatext
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Institute Head: Zsuzsanna Pörczi, PhD, associate professor

The Institute of Art and Design Theory operates as an exciting, vibrant department within the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at the Budapest Metropolitan University. It offers three programs to train students to become professionals who actively participate in cultural life. The institute also plays a significant role in the Faculty of Arts’ theoretical education since all students take basic theory courses. Our instructors come from various arts and culture disciplines, including curation, design analysis, social sciences, aesthetics, PR, management, and art management. Both our undergraduate and graduate programs offer specializations.

Students can enroll in the following programs: BA Design Culture, MA Design and Art Management, and, as of September 2024, the MA Art Instruction. Currently, MA Design and Art Management is the only program offered in English.

Graduates can pursue careers in various fields of the art industry. They can work for galleries, foundations, companies within the creative industry, and educational institutions. Because of the high demand for professionals who support and collaborate with artists in the creative industry, many opportunities exist.

METU places significant emphasis on values-based work, collaboration, progressive and critical thinking, and supporting the younger generation. We believe that imagination, creativity, and openness are the keys to playing an active, responsible role in tackling modern-day challenges. 


  • Art Quarter Budapest
  • Artus Studio
  • Budapest Gallery
  • Interni Budapest
  • Eventuell Gallery
  • Designtrend Publisher
  • Kiscelli Museum
  • Ludwig Museum
  • Madeinhungary+MED Exhibition
  • Hungarian National Gallery
  • Kassák Museum
  • OFF Biennale
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Turbina
  • Open Society Institute (Verzio Film Festival)

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