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Life Coach Consultancy

Lifestyle Counselling Centre

The Lifestyle counsellor has appointments with the students during the term-time.

You can contact dr Gábor Szabó, clinical mental health specialist-psychologist for adults at Most of the individual sessions are held on Skype.

Do you have a problem? Come to us and we will listen to you.

· You feel you are at a loss and can’t find the way forward?

· Do you have doubts about your career choice?

· Do you struggle with family or relationship issues?

· Are you not able to process the events happening to you?

· Do you have problems with communication or creating contacts?

· Are you anxious?

· Do you belong to any minority group and/or you have difficulties with this?

... If you happen to have any problem you would like to share with someone, or ask for help, feel free to apply. It is a safe place to share.

The Lifestyle Counselling Centre offers a maximum of 5-10 sessions of consultation and therapy to help the students asking for help to find a solution to their problems. The Centre ensures anonymity and confidentiality.

We are looking forward to your application.

According to our plans we are going to launch the Peer helping network in autumn 2023, and we wish to support the information flow among students, help them find their path as an undergraduate and build a community. Our primary aim is to help anybody belonging to a minority emotionally, with community building and forming a brother/sisterhood (representing their interests).

If you wish to join the Peer helping network, please contact us at the email address of the Lifestyle counsellor.

Let’s build an even more friendly and student-oriented university.