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METU Photography Diploma Exhibition 2019

  • Start date
    2019. 06. 28. 19:00
  • End date
    2019. 07. 07. 19:00
  • Location
    Godot Institute of Contemporary Art

This year, the seventh photographer's undergraduate thesis defense of the Budapest Metropolitan University will be held, as well as the opening of the diploma exhibition after that.

For the first time, 6 foreign students graduated from the fashion photography specialization and the graduates of the artistic photography specialization of our three-year-old correspondence training will also be featured. A total of 29 student works with different techniques can be seen at the exhibition. Visitors can see videos, multimedia, installations, and artworks created with mix techniques and of course works of classical photography.

Opening : 28 June 2019, Friday, 19 hours

Venue : Godot Institute of Contemporary Art, 1036, Bright Adolf Street 21.

Host : Mucsi Emese curator, art critic, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Artmagazin

Exhibition : 29 June 2019 - 7 July 2019 14-19pm

METU has been teaching the following generation of photographers since 2010. Students can learn more about photography and photography . The diploma is a diploma exhibition, a diploma works at an important milestone in their professional life. 

Exhibiting student 

Artistic photography  specialization:Érdi Róbert, Molnár Levente, Mráz Diana Leila, Szemenyei Bianka, Gerhes Gábor, Jóri András, Keglovics Judit Erzsébet, Kerényi Judit, Köntös Dóra, Loósz Róbert, Németh Miklós, Székely György, Zelenák Zoltán Mihály

Fashion photography specialization :

Aradi Nóra, Demeter Vanda, Fülöp-Pál Ábel, Király Lilla Vivien, Oláh Dániel, Zucca Nicola,Bottaro Diego, Karimaei Naghmeh, Karimian Pour Mania, Mary Goubran, Netzler Charles August, Raeihan Muhammad Margana Ibnu

Photojournalism  specialization:
Ladjánszki Máté, Ladóczki Balázs, Tóth Gabriella, Wachsler Éva Katalin

Some diploma work examples:

Daniel Oláh: Self Service Magazine

His master's thesis is the reproduction of the Self Service 400-page French biannual magazine, which focuses on current fashion trends, featuring famous fashion designer's campaigns. The magazine is a long-awaited publication. The dream inspired the Déjá Vu series, and the Hugo Boss campaign image is aligned with the original typography. Oasis is the leading series of a thesis with a double sided typographic element. While the styling and poses are reminiscent of chaos, the character of the protagonist gives a sense of comfort as an oasis. New face is a female model of an emerging Hungarian model.


Gabor Gerhes: ATLAS

The thesis looks at one of the planned encyclopedia. As a sequel, it gives a brief glimpse to the Herbarium. and, for some pictures, to the Abstract. section. The Herbarium. is a quasi-plant collection that organizes various artificial flowers. Various religious and grace rites.

On the other hand, however, it is an indispensable part of scientific demonstration. For a post-nature imaginary era, the can be used as the only remaining reconstruction patterns due to the disappearance of the original plants. The part called Abstract. describes some of the occasional segments of light imaging, with light-colored paper exposed to sunlight. On the one hand, photographic photography with the camera interrupts the physical process of the light reaction, but at the same time captures another process of photography, that is, the discoloration of the sheets of paper.


Máté Ladjánszki: Életrevaló (Viable)

The main character of the series was a five-year-old boy, Viktor Lakatos, who lived the same life as any other until he was three. However, one day, he was diagnosed with unexpected meningitis. Because of the severe illness, he had to be revived twice, the tissues died completely due to blood circulation in the limbs. Two legs and nine fingers had to be amputated. Is it possible to recover after such obstacles? The series of photos shows that yes: he goes to the kindergarten in the morning, playing with his friends and at home with his brothers and sisters, like any other five-year-old, with legs, crutches, smile, cheerfulness, and steadfast life. During the half-year work, Máté had a glimpse into the everyday moments of a Roma family, witnessing their lives from the sleepy mornings, the happiest moments to the painful, tear-jerking minutes. In his thesis, Viktor's everyday life shows how he fights the obstacles. The issue with which the series deals: how can Viktor succeed in life; can he live a full life?


György Székely: Zenitközeli horizontjaim (My Horizons close to the Zenith)

This thesis deals with the abolition of the boundaries of urban and natural landscapes. During the work, the artist made false landscapes with the facades of different buildings. Facing the Zenith, it moved the camera parallel to the facade, which visually creates a horizon at the junction of the sky and the facade and transforms the facade of the buildings into landscapes. With his photographs, he presents the buildings to the viewer in which he lived during his life, with the lack of horizon in its surroundings.

Lilla Vivien Király: Dazed Magazine

The basis of her work is Dazed Magazine, featuring personalities, cultural leaders, and performers who are worthy of attention. Accordingly, the author selected the creators, musicians, and campaigns through which she would like to present the local social sphere. It is essential for her to be ourselves in every situation because we can find the path of life we want by following the thread of self-identity. Therefore, in the two main works, she features two designers who work based on this principle.

On the front page, we can see Anikó Németh, the timeless woman, the designer, and the creator of the Manier Salon. The fashion role titled Tennis Court, the clothes of young fashion designer, Fanni Molnar, play the key role. The series draws attention to the expectation. Karl Lagerfeld's work; the magazine starts with a guan brand image and closes with a guitar brand.


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