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Ora Hasenfratz


Hasenfratz Ora graduated in Photography BA  in 2014 and now studying in Savannah College of Art and Design, Photography MFA . She studied Business informatics before she started photography and since then she has become a professional. At the moment she is working on a series of photos of Lyme disease.

In October 2016 in Art Market BudapestArt Photo Budapest section her exhibited work was recognized with the 'Budapest young talents' programme award; with her Kitchen series work and along with a prize she had the opportunity to exhibit in  Budapest Project Gallery.

On account of the prize Ora talked about what this prize means to her and what future prospects she has as a young artist. 

I suppose along with METU, you also exhibited for the first time in the Art Market Budapest Art Photo Budapest section. What did this opportunity mean to you as an introduction?
As a gallery-goer, I had visited Art Market therefore and it was an honour to be a participant and to have the chance to show my photos to so many people.

Could you say a few a words about yourself? How did your art career start and what was the reason for choosing this particular field? Why did you choose METU?
I had a start in Business informatics and at a relatively old age, at 23 it had become crystal clear that photography was my way and since then it has become reality, luckily. I did photography for two years as a hobby and then I felt I was stuck at a level and I felt the need for a complex training and outside help to reach a higher level. That was the moment when I decided to do it seriously, in full-time; therefore I applied for Photography BA at Metropolitan University.

Could you please tell us something about that piece of work that was awarded. What inspired you? What is its speciality? What would you like to emphasize about your work?
I believe this award was given not only for this particular picture, but my work done in the past few years. I am interested in the border area of creative photography and fashion photography, I get inspiration from my own experiences, physical and psychological feelings, pain because in my opinion this is the way to show honest and authentic pictures.

What does this award mean to you?
On the one hand it is feedback that I am on the right path, on the other hand it is a huge opportunity, a kind of entry ticket to the art world so that my work is known more in professional circles.

Along with the prize you are also awarded with an opportunity to have an exhibition, do you have any idea about its concept?
I have more ideas of the concept of the exhibition but it will definitely be based on my personal experiences in such a way that the viewers can be connected to. I believe that despite processing personal experiences and problems, these are not unique and many people have had similar ones.

What have you been working on lately? What plans do you have for the future?
Currently I am working on a series of the Lyme disease. Of course, it has a personal trait and I would like to attract the attention to this disease as if people are aware of it, it is much easier to prevent this disease than treating this and also to understand people living with the Lyme disease. The other topic I have already been involved in is being a twin and I am sure I would like to work on it in the future. I think as a twin I can show from inside what it is like, beyond being two people who look very much alike, by focusing on the relationship and hierarchy between twins.

I find the Capital City’s initiative great so that they support young, beginner artists. Also, I would like to thank the professors at Budapest Metropolitan University as they built, helped and showed the way during my photography studies at the same time let me walk my own path. I know that two years after graduation I can still count on them, now or in the future and it is a great feeling.

Congratulations on your work, Ora, and we wish you similar successes.