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METU also offers Preparatory Programs for those whose academic or linguistic level is not sufficient for starting BA/Bsc or MA/MSc level studies. These programs cannot be chosen separately, but only as part of a study program.

Intensive English Language Preparatory Programs

These programs are designed for applicants who would like to improve their English skills from pre-intermediate to advanced level and also for those who would like to apply for our BA/Bsc programs but do not yet have the required level of English knowledge to start the chosen program. The English language courses will help you to improve your professional language skills in order to meet the level required for our degree programs.

Our professional and dedicated teaching staff paying equal attention to speaking, writing and reading skills as well as listening comprehension. All of which will give you a clearer understanding of how English is really used.

The role of our teachers is to steadily guide you to reach your desired level of English within the shortest possible time.

Covered skills:

•General English skills

•Specific English terminology

•Business English

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More information in Arabic HERE.

More information in Russian HERE.

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Professional Foundation Semester for Business Programs

The Professional Foundation Semester for Business Programs is a preparatory program designed for those who seek to start their Bachelor studies at one of Metropolitan’s business programs. For example: Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, International Business Economics, Tourism and Catering, Finance and Accounting and International Relations.

The new preparatory program is offered for students who would like to further improve their skills and knowledge in the field of business, economics, and mathematics. The program includes subjects that prepare students for the challenges of a BA/Bsc degree course in the business field.

Read more about the program HERE.

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Pre-Master program

• Are you interested in studying a Master’s program but don’t meet the entry requirements from what you studied at the undergraduate level?

• Perhaps you are considering changing your course of study?

Pre-master's course is the ideal way to prepare you for your advanced level of study and make you really professional in your future job.

What is a Pre-Master program at METU?

Our Pre-Master programs are designed to prepare international students fully for studying at postgraduate level in the field of Communication or Business.

A Pre-Masters is for students who need to improve their academic skills required for a successful postgraduate study. The course takes one semester and provides an essential grounding for a successful postgraduate study.

How can I benefit from a Pre-Master program?

Pre-Master's programs provide international students with a direct path to various postgraduate degrees at Budapest Metropolitan University. These programs give you the academic skills needed for a full degree. It combines many elements, all of which are designed to meet an international student's needs. For example, if you are going to study Management and Leadership at MSc level, you can study business-related subjects such as business communication or marketing at an introductory level. Through a Pre-Master program, you develop a solid knowledge of the subject which you will need for the course material ahead of you. You can study the basics of the subject you wish to study in a master's degree course.

Pre-master's programmes are usually 5 months in duration – one semester.

Do I need to study a Pre-Masters?

• Your undergraduate degree is not related to the field you would like to study.

• You do not have the required number of credits – at least 30 credits – to start your studies on MA/MSc level in the field of Business or Communication.

Pre-Masters entry requirements:

• Undergraduate degree

• Academic transcript of records

• English level equivalent to IELTS 6.0

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