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Graphic Design BA Bachelor's

This is for you

if you are interested in the various fields of graphics, are creative, have good visual sense and drawing skills, are familiar with the basic computer graphics software and are interested in typography.

"The Graphic Design program at METU gathers contemporary art, architecture and different cultures from all around the world. I enjoy the creative ways I can gain practical knowledge at METU."

- Nguyen Trong Nghia from Vietnam 

Short description

In the age of desktop publishing (DTP), graphic design became the most innovative branch of design, with a strong presence of its intellectual products in everyday life, both in the online and offline media. In these fields, we will introduce you to the secrets of the various surfaces and media of graphic design, from illustration to book, identity and poster design, branding, logos, pictograms and packaging design.

Practical opportunities during education

In our Graphic Design workshop, you can create illustrations using lithography, screen printing, linocut and woodcut techniques. Our computer studios have the latest DTP software at your disposal. You can try out our digital printing machines and Rizography, and use our laser cutter, 3D printer and bookbinding workshop to make your computer designs a reality.


The training will give priority to:  

  • individual consultations, mentoring by teachers 
  • focus on practical work and creativity
  • creative solutions to realistic, real-life, often challenging problems, actual tasks
  • teamwork alongside individual achievement
  • an integrated, cross-disciplinary project-based teaching methodology

What can you study with us?

  • We build on your competences so that they can be fulfilled. 
  • You will find your individual voice, style and brand. 
  • You will become committed to innovative, aesthetic, smart graphics and typography. 
  • We will channel your creativity into a conscious flow so that you can work both independently and in a team. 
  • The first year is about developing manual and computer skills, learning traditional procedures as well as the latest in graphic technology. You will also design illustrations, covers, artistic posters, logos, pictograms and image identity. 

  • The second year will be about book and magazine design, typography tools, and joint use of fonts and images. We will also focus on packaging design, branding, corporate identity and sustainability, bio-design and eco-consciousness in graphic design.

  • In the third year, you will focus on complex and integrated projects, interactive graphics appearing on the latest platforms of the digital age, responsive web design, mobile applications, UI and UX design, myBRAND portfolio and diploma work implementation.

Recommended Curriculum:

  • Graphic Design

Choose this specialization to acquire hands-on knowledge on the greatest scale both on the traditional platforms of graphic design and in the area of the new media. You will be able to find your own voice on every graphic design platform through life-like tasks, which you will be able to exploit in your design and creative work. We will prepare you to be able to communicate visually in the language of graphic design in your career.

In this specialization, you can learn typography, logo, pictogram design, branding, packaging design, illustration design, book design, poster design, bookbinding, web design, infographics, infodesign, reproduction graphics, linocut, woodcut, engraving, lithography, screen printing and risography.

  • Packaging Design

Choose this specialization if you feel it is important to dress the brands lined up on store shelves with practical and functional design objects, creative product images, and unique and special packaging. Our specialization emphasizes the knowledge of innovative technologies, biomaterials, and the possibility of recycling and re-use in the field of packaging culture, which is one of the most complex and most demanding areas of visual communication.

This specialization includes packaging culture, paper and packaging industry skills, printing technology, visual concept development, campaign, logo, emblem, pictogram, brand image identity, branding, infographics, illustration techniques, typography, mock-ups, model making, 3D visual design, 3D graphics with spatial illustration, pop-up book design, board game design and creation, bookbinding techniques.

Specializations are launched only if a sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization. 

  • freelance artist as graphic designer, packaging designer, illustrator
  • art director, graphic designer in graphic studios, creative agencies  
  • illustrator, image editor or DTP editor in online and print media  
  • web designer, UI, UX designer
  • Graphic Design Studies
  • Graphic Design Techniques
  • Experimental Design
  • Typography Practice
  • Graphic Design Theory and Methodology Practice
  • Art History
  • Basics of Philosophy and Aesthetics
  • Theory and Practice of Visual Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Art
  • Design Thinking
  • Sustainability in Visual Communication

"Livability, flexibility, balance between functional design and artistic identity, that's what we base our training on." 

GYULA JÚLIUS DLA, Associate Professor, Munkácsy Prize-winning artist, Head of Department 

“The relaxed atmosphere, which greatly contributes to the skills development of students was pivotal. I chose this course because we were given colourful and creative assignments. I would recommend the course to those who are the experimenting type and consider creativity important.” 

Our graduate KRISTÓF SZABÓ, Graphic Design BA 

“During the three years spent here I underwent a huge development. I developed a way of thinking which makes me start tackling problems with confidence, and with my peculiar approach I can also involve my style in my works.” 

Our graduate BÁLINT TÓTOK, Graphic Design BA 

“I have always wanted to become an artist. It was not easy to decide what I wanted to do more - to make projects on computer, or to draw portraits, so when I heard about METU, I realized that I could do all these things there. Since the first days of my studies, I became 110% sure that all my dreams will come true. There is a very good atmosphere here, and all of the teachers are very friendly, helpful and professional. I met a lot of people from all over the world. Every day you get new experiences and it's awesome! It's hard to tell something bad about this university. I'm in love with METU and Budapest also!” 

Our graduate ANASTASIA BELETSKAJA from Russia, Graphic Design BA 

  • BC4LS Sustainability Design Competition 2023: Kata Lagzi, Graphic Design MA  1st Prize; Ágota Habony, Graphic Design BA - 3rd Prize
  • Vylyan Bogyólé Wine Label Competition 2023, Vivien Icsa 1st Prize
  • ‘Connect us’ exhibition at Vienna Design Week 2022, our students exhibited works that were made for the European Cultural Capital 2023 Project
  • Vylyan Bogyólé Wine Label Competition 2022, Myriam Babarczy 2nd Prize, 
  • ARTHUNGRY 2021, Babarczy Myriam 3rd Prize, Máhr Zsófia 2nd Prize
  • Vylyan Bogyólé Wine Label Competition 2021, Veronika Kovács 1st prize, Dóra Eső Audience Prize
  • OMDK 2021, Dorottya Kelemen 1st prize, Zsófia Máhr 1st prize, Enikő Varga 3rd prize
  • ARTHUNGRY 2020, Fanni Sipos 1st prize, Regina Vitányi 2nd prize
  • OMDK 2017, Marcell Puskás 2nd prize, Dániel Szakos 1st prize, Laura Sásdi 1st prize
  • PACKAGING OF THE WORLD, METU students Zsófia Paszternák’s and Krisztina Németh’s work featured among the most creative Students Projects entries
  • 1st BUDAPEST ILLUSTRATION FESTIVAL 2020, 1st Prize in non-fiction category: Réka Koszó
  • POSTERFEST INTERNATIONAL POSTER COMPETITION, Bálint Tótok: 2nd prize, Ádám Faniszló́: 3rd prize
  • A38XMET winning posters: Tiger Lillies/Mais Ahmad; sóley/Alba Jorge Cardona
  • 14. ARC poster exhibition, ́Ádám Faniszló: special prize
  • OMDK 2015, Marcell Puskás: Pro Arte Gold Prize; Orsolya Kosztándi, 1st prize; Barbara Zsidek: 3rd prize
  • RITA PAPP – Scolar Kiadó, Ozone TV, Life TV
  • NIKI GROZDICS – Algran
  • LUCA DIVÉKI – Satchi&Satchi
  • ZSÓFIA PASZTERNÁK – 123FormBuilder
  • DOROTTYA KELEMEN – Deutsche Telecom
  • ORSOLYA KOSZTÁNDI – Epidemic Sound
  • GRÉTA KOSZÓ – Brandfizz
  • BARNABÁS KAMILLY – Vodaphone
  • NÁNDOR LAJOS DANYI – Sigma Technology Group
  • ZSÓFIA PRESSING – Warner Bros. Discovery
  • MERCÉDESZ VÖRÖS – Brightly
  • MARISSA HSU – Phiture – Mobile Growth Consultancy
  • MILLA ODOR – Phiture – Mobile Growth Consultancy
  • KEMAL DIS – Ericson
  • KIMIA GOLABGIR – Saatchi & Saatchi
  • IDIL EMIROGLU – Journal D’Ambroisie

Our current academic staff members include