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Master of Business Administration Master's

This is for you

if you want to acquire the knowledge and skills that can be flexibly applied to any area of business with the most up-to-date methods of knowledge transfer. You are the right candidate for our MBA program if you intend to accelerate your career, would like to increase your salary, or are determined to become more successful than others.

"Happiness and motivation are the Key"
- Jaymyn Mezey from Netherlands

Short description

Our MBA program incorporates the most cutting-edge theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that encompass all areas and sectors of business. 

Our program and our courses offered place an emphasis on practical skills.  

After fully understanding the fundamentals of business, students will be exposed to a diversity of experiential learning through practical examples, case studies, and hands-on projects. These allow students to master the skills necessary to become confident and successful business professionals. 

In addition to our excellent PhD instructors, subjects are taught by renowned national and international experts such as Konrad Wetzker from Germany, Dragan Ilić from Serbia, and Stanley Allen Ward from the United States. 

When designing the innovative curriculum for the two-year-long MBA program, we incorporated the most cutting edge theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that encompass all areas and sectors of business. 

After laying the most important foundations through courses such as Economic Policy, Research Methodology, Qualitative Methods, Business Economics, or Business Law,  our program will help you develop other essential skills through practical courses such as Modern Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis or Strategic Management. We also put a sharp focus on leadership development.  

Recommended Curriculum:

  • Finance: Students selecting the Finance Specialization will gain a deep understanding of macro- and micro-level finance. This specialization will provide students with the knowledge and skills that are essential components of the functional and strategic operation of companies. 

Core subjects: Corporate Finance and Financial Strategies, Taxation, International Financial Management, etc. 

  • Management: The Management Specialization offers students the opportunity to gain comprehensive and thorough management skills. Students selecting the Management Specialization will get acquainted with the typical processes and characteristics of the individual functional areas of corporations, including the methods to manage these various areas. Graduates will be able to fully comprehend and manage the work of complex organizational units and organizations.  

Core subjects: Business Planning, Intercultural Management and Marketing, Business and Competition Policy, Logistics – Supply Chain Management, etc. 

  • manager at companies of all sizes (SMS, multinational) and industries (manufacturing, service provision, public sector)
  • leader of one’s own company
  • independent economic expert
  • Economic Policy 
  • Research Methodology 
  • Qualitative Methods 
  • Business Economics 
  • Business Law 
  • Modern Corporate Finance 
  • Financial Analysis 
  • Strategic Management