Visual representation BA Bachelor's

This is for you

your manual skills are good, you are interested in fine arts, your way of thinking is creative and original, and you would like to develop your skills on a high level.

Short description

You can acquire comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge on the areas of traditional imagery and portrayal as well as study the world of electronic imagery, motion picture and media. Our department offers a strong foundation for students to find their way in the traditional and digital visual world. Besides the classic genres of imaging, you can get to know the motion picture, multimedia and interactive segments of visual representation.

What can you study with us?

  • Making short films, television scenes and documentaries
  • Screenwriting, directing, lighting, editing, sound-post-production work
  • Motion film history, theoretical knowledge
  • Basic computer graphic programs, contemporary imagery techniques and theories
  • We will develop your manual skills and visualization methods
  • You will be able to make not only illustrations for a novel, but design the whole book
  • You can create not only an oil on canvas painting, but motion picture, interactive installations, and objects.
  • We will provide you with deep theoretical knowledge


First year:

  • Traditional visual art techniques
  • Materials and procedures of painting and graphics

Second year:

  • 3D plastic and computer practical tasks – physical and virtual variations of visualization in space, installation design

Third year:

  • Artistic features of motion picture besides static picture opportunities offered by artistic photo and video


  • During the motion picture art practice, you will learn the regulations of dramatic composition, editing and production
  • In the semesters of motion picture technique built on each other you will get to know the form language of filmmakers, cameraman and sound editing works
  • You will have the opportunity to make one-camera or multi-camera shootings, the acquisition of the operation of the most important post-production software, and try out various motion picture genres and roles
  • Visual representation
  • Film and Media

Visual Representation:

Our training emphasizes on the development of manual skills, the acquisition of traditional and new technologies and practicing a creative way of thinking.

You might be interested in individual or duplication graphics, painting, installation art, video art, or you can deal with storyboards – visual scripts – used in filmmaking, comics and strip cartoons, the joint areas of fine arts and design, and the creative methods of contemporary art.

Film and Media Specialisation:

During the course, you will get a general picture of the theoretical and practical opportunities of  film making, and an insight into certain sections of the profession.

By the end of the course, you will have a secure theoretical and practical knowledge about the features of visual communication and you will be able to create films. Due to the extensive practical training, you will surely find the area which is the closest to your personality and interests.

  • Motion picture maker at institutes specialized in mass communication and media
  • In film post-production
  • As an organizer in program production in editorial offices
  • Motion picture maker working for advertising and PR experts

  • As an independent artist, painter or graphic designer
  • Book designer, illustrator, cartoonist,
  • Visual designer, concept artist or a creator of any other area of graphic design
  • Leader of an arts workshop or creative design club, or as a museum education professional

film theory, history of motion pictures, motion picture art practice, motion picture technologies (cameraman - directing and writing studies, sound technique, video post-production); visual study analysis and practice

Further information on detailed curriculum click below as per the specialisation: