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MARIE CLAIRE FASHION DAYS 2015-2016-2017, an introduction of Crafts BA and Fashion and Textile Design MA students  

HEIMTEXTIL 2018 - "Meeting Sharing Places"

COMMON GROUND - the Budapest Metropolitan LAB presentations

FRESH FISHES 10., Studio of Young Designers, exhibitors: Klára Zsófia Hegedüs (Craftsmanship BA, pottery specialization), Andrea Mária Lőrincz (Craftsmanship BA, pottery specialization), Zsófia Vágó (Craftsmanship BA, pottery specialization), Anita Varga (Craftsmanship BA, textile design specialization)

EZER SZÁLLAL (A THOUSAND THREADS) exhibition in Szombathely

GOMBOLD ÚJRA! (RETHINK THE BUTTONING!) tender - METU finalists: Rita Bencze, Lúcia Mészáros, Eszter Polyák (2017)

FASHION LIVE! 2017 fashion show in Bratislava

METU DIVATSHOW French Institute (2017)

HELLODESIGN TALENT AWARD 2016 Nóra Wágner: Fashion Design category winner

TOLERANCE SUITS YOU application finalists: Noémi Bráz, Renáta Horváth, Anita Virág (Fashion and Textile Design MA) and Lúcia Mészáros (Craftsmanship BA) (2016)

FRESH FISHES 7.1 Introduction of Silicate and textile design students at the exhibition (2015)

MEMORIAL TO CSEKOVSZKY ÁRPÁD AWARD The future generation exhibition:  Tímea Daróczi (Craftsmanship BA Pottery specialization) shared 1st place, Judith Easter Vári and Alexandra Zsuzsanna Hús exhibitors (2016)

NEW CRAFT 2016 thesis work of students graduating in Fashion and Textile Design MA textile design specialization in Péter Pál Gallery 

CAMPUS AT HEIMTEXTIL 2016 Anna Bárdos, Andrea Bartus, Fanni Marozsán, Eszter Gondos, Laura Sára Hajdú, Hanna Karakai (Fashion and Textile Design MA); Noémi Gy. Molnár (Craftsmanship BA)

HUNGARIAN DESIGN AWARD 2016 A shared special award on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources State Secretariat Responsible for Education for Bettina Wolf (Fashion- and Textile Design MA) 

TEXHIBITION exhibitors Andrea Bartus and Anna Bárdos (Fashion- and Textile Design MA) (2016)

DESIGN WEEK BUDAPEST 2015 ME(e)Tdesign pop-up exhibition, TESTközel (close up)


EFU EUROPEAN FASHION UNION international fashion tender, fashion show (2015)

GRADUATION PROJECTS Blanka Erdélyi’s thesis work was selected to be part of Graduation Projects, which is a respected international professional exhibition (2015)

Blanka Erdélyi: Light symbols - SCULPTURE 1st, 2nd prize
Luca Simon: 2 +nD. Change Aspect! - Craft, 1st prize
Viktória Zachar: MOTH. MODULAR CARPET - Craft, 2nd place
Alexandra Könczöl: Surface experimental series for shape creation - CRAFT 2 1st prize

LENOVO X ELLE FASHION DESIGNER APPLICATION 2014 Réka Gottlieb and Zsófia Zámori Fashion- and Textile Design MA students’ mutual Flexible Clothing collection was awarded with the grand prize Noémi Bráz was awarded with the Public Choice Award (Fashion- and Textile Design MA)

NEW CRAFT 2014 the most successful thesis work of students graduating in Craftsmanship BA in Péter Pál Gallery exhibition

A’DESIGN AWARD Rebeka Pákozdi (Craftsmanship, pottery) bronze medal (2014)

FEEDBACK / VISSZACSATOLÁS Programmes of the Craftsmanship major illustrates the many-folded structure of the education in Design Week Budapest 2014

DESIGN 2014 Contemporary Gallery in Tatabánya; exhibitors include METU BA graduates

TEDxYouth@Budapest 2014 / PERFECT CHAOS Réka Gottlieb and Kriszta Fejes Fashion- and Textile Design undergraduates gave a presentation entitled Re-creations

YOUNG CREATIVE CHEVROLET INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AND ART COMPETITION Réka Gottlieb Craftsmanship undergraduate 2nd prize at national level in Fashion category (2014)

Boglárka Mázsi (Craftsmanship, pottery specialization) - DESIGN, 1st prize
Réka Gottlieb (Craftsmanship, clothing and accessories specialization) - TEXTILE, 1st prize
Anikó Kovács (Craftsmanship, weaving-textile design specialization) - CRAFT, 2nd prize
Gabi Takács (Craftsmanship, weaving-textile design specialization) - TEXTILE, 2nd prize
Kriszta Fejes (Craftsmanship, clothing and accessories specialization) - TEXTILE, 2nd prize
OTDK PRO ARTE GOLD MEDAL Réka Gottlieb  (Kézműves szak)

GOMBOLD ÚJRA! (RETHINK THE BUTTONING!) Réka Gottlieb Craftsmanship BA is a finalist in the newcomer, accessories sub-category (2013)

UNDER FIRE (ÖSSZTŰZ) An installation set up in Agárd and in the Gorka Fire Festival in 2013  

ROVITEX HOMEDECO GROUP Barbara Tóth Craftsmanship BA student received 2nd prize (2013) in home textile design tender

BKF ART KICKOFF 2012 the first public introduction of our art students in Design Terminal 

MAKE! Design Week Budapest 2012 Independent programme of our Craftsmanship and Media Design undergraduates 

BE CREATIVE – NOT MONOTONE in this creative fashion tender Krisztina Fejes Craftsmanship undergraduate had her work among the best (2012)

INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE in Lódz Strzeminski Art Academy Textile Faculty had an exhibition in METU (2012)

JEWEL OF THE YEAR 2012 tender: Lilla Szabó and Rebeka Rajnai Craftsmanship undergraduates had their work among the best 

THE YOUNG FASHION DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2012 Lilla Szabó received the Public Choice Award

BKF CRAFT AMI Craftsmanship BA students made objects from alternative materials; their exhibition was held in Art9 Gallery (2012)

SZEGEDI IFJÚSÁGI NAPOK 2012 „2 green weeks, one green design” the winner of the application is Lilla Szabó Craftsmanship BA student

VIRTUAL WARDROBE event by students of the Applied Art Institute in the Museum Garden (2012) at the Museums’ Nights 

VALICSEK ILDIKÓ PARTITION in THE Design Book of The Year and at the TEDxYouth@Budapest conference (2011)